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Winter Skincare Update

Winter Skincare Update

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Happy first day of winter from Dallas! It seems that I’m never in town for the changing of the seasons, which is actually quite funny since the joke is that LA doesn’t have any seasons. We get to experience it right off the bat though, as the low (F) temperatures are 12, 25, and 20 the next couple of days. My poor skin! Chills and harsh winds are not your skin’s friend.

Keep reading to see how I’m keeping my skin happy and healthy this winter season.

A quick update

I mentioned that I might add it in last time, but I did go ahead and get the Follain Firming Serum. I actually think you can layer them, but I use the Follain Brightening Serum every morning and the Firming Serum a couple nights a week / when I don’t use my Peel Pads or my Benzoyl Peroxide.

I use it year-round, but I especially have my humidifier on while I sleep in the winter. I think it helps me breathe and keeps my skin soft.

Lately I have been trying to get back into a supplement routine, including getting back into collagen. I have a lot of Glotrition on hand, but once I’m through with that I may switch back to Nutrafol. TBD… I’ve been constantly chasing the afterbirth glow I had while I was still breastfeeding, but have come up short. I think part of the problem is that this fall I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in another part of my colon. The original area appears healed, but it is now further up. I’ve been put on additional medication, so here’s to hoping that helps heal my body. I think the UC flared after I stopped breastfeeding. This came along with dull skin and more hormonal acne; this actually makes sense, considering your body tries to regulate hormones after you stop breastfeeding. I tested my hormones towards the end of the summer, but will test them again early next year just to see where I’m at. Between that and my UC meds, I’m hoping to get my skin (and my body) under control.

Speaking of the new yer, one of my goals is to consistently use my NuFace in the new year. I really want to produce a review for you and have not used it frequently enough to give you that. That’s what I get for buying it around having babies and thinking I would be able to use it a lot, when what I actually had time for was the bare minimum.

As far as makeup goes, I dropped using a primer. I felt like my skin / makeup looked worse. The powder I’m using right now is Jouer Cosmetics. I still use Hynt Concealer, but also really like Exa Green Color Corrector and Fitglow Beauty Conceal +. I’m trying to nail an everyday beauty routine that I feel confident in. I shared a summer makeup update, so hopefully I’ll be able to anniversary the post in 2023.


  1. Primally Pure Clarifying Bar. I wash my face with this bar! I wet my face and wet the bar and go from there. Makes sense, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve used an actual bar of soap, so thought I’d mention it. I have this soap dish and really like it. For the longest time, I have used this foaming cleanser. I still really like it, but reserve it for trips and vacation purposes, as a bar of soap does not travel well.

  2. Vitamin C Serum. I have used this for almost two years and I really like it. I use it every morning.

  3. Primally Pure Baby Balm. I use this as a daily moisturizer. This is such a moisturizing and gentle formula! It’s made for babies, but I use this for my face! Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. I use it on my twins too!

  4. Sunscreen. I don’t use this if I’m just sitting in my house; however, if I have plans to go outside, it goes on! Hats help too but should not be supplemented instead of sunscreen. Another one I like that isn’t face specific is Pipette. I use it all over my twins.

PM Routine

  1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Oil Cleanser. I only do this if I wore makeup or sunscreen that day, otherwise, I just use the bar alone vs double cleansing. I also really like the Primally Pure cleansing oil as an option too. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  2. Primally Pure Clarifying Bar. Same as AM!

    *I switch daily for what follows… typically next I use Benzoyl Peroxide every other night (#3) and spot with Baby Balm (#4) OR just use Follain Firming Serum (#5) and Baby Balm (#7) all over my face. I use these peel pads from Corrective Skincare twice a week. The other evenings alternate between the below.

  3. Corrective Skincare LA 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. It is an acne medication that helps with resurfacing and killing off those deep under the skin pimples before they occur. I use this every other night because I don’t want to dry my skin out too much.


  4. Corrective Skincare Peel Pads. I use these twice a week. They have salicylic and glycolic acid and also help with resurfacing and drying up any issues.

  5. ***AND / OR***

  6. Follain Firming Serum. I recently added this in because it is a phyto-retinol, containing bakuchiol. It’s supposed to firm skin, reduce wrinkles, etc.

  7. Primally Pure Baby Balm. On evenings where I use the benzyl peroxide or the peel pads, I just put this under my eyes and on my nose. On nights when I don’t use either, I use this all over my face as a nightly moisturizer. Use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off.

  8. Gua Sha. On the nights where I just use my the baby balm all over my face, I do some soothing gua sha. I’ve used several stones and this one is my favorite. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.


  • Face masks. I am still using up what I have left of the Pregnancy Safe Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, then I will buy the full strength again, since I’m using salicylic acid again. I used to use it once a week, but since my peel pads (that have salicylic acid) are back, I will space it out a bit more. After I wash it off, I cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I also try to use Primally Pure face masks once a week, usually around Thursday or Friday. I have all 3 and mix and match what I use. Lately I’ve been using the soothing everywhere but places I’m breaking out. I put the clarifying one on those troublesome patches, then leave on for an hour! Sometimes I’ll use product after them, but typically I will just wash them off, cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I reviewed all the masks here. Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. For a more of a budget friendly mask option, use this one. I am also still loving 100% Pure’s Bright Eyes mask. I also tried Jouer Cosmetics’ new Eye Masks and they work well too. If you like sheet masks, I like this brand. I travel with them!

  • Facial Tools. My newest item is a facial dry brush. I also use a gua sha stone and a jade roller. As mentioned, I am also using the NuFace.

  • Facials. I’m trying to get facials every 6-8 weeks to maintain and prevent angry, clogged pores. I’m also doing light chemical peels again! I see Skin by Maddie in Brentwood or go to Corrective Skincare in Santa Monica.

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