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Summer Skincare Routine

Summer Skincare Routine

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Well friend, yesterday (June 20th) marked the first official day of summer! I honestly can’t believe that we have spent the entirety of spring 2020 in quarantine because of COVID-19. That’s right. Spring officially started on March 19th, which was right after the coronavirus starting getting really serious here in the United States. If you want to look back at what I said regarding my spring skincare routine click here.

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I share a skincare update every year at the start of the new season for a lot of reasons… I like to look back and see how things have changed, take a look at all of my products, and of course prepare for the season to come. Right now the world has experienced a lot of changes, as have I.

Regarding the state of the world and the pandemic, “maskne” has now been deemed a thing. Because people have had to wear masks, acne along the jaw line and around the mouth has run rampant. Our warm breath coupled with a mask creates a breeding ground for breakouts! I have not escaped this fate, so if you are experiencing it, now I am too. The only suggestions I have for this issue is to take the mask off as soon as you can and be sure to wash your face right after. Also wear your disposable masks once or at the very least clean it with alcohol before re-wearing. If you are wearing cloth coverings, wash after each use. My favorite cloth mask is this one because it as actually pretty comfortable and chic! It is sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles.

Regarding me specifically, I’m still on all of my Ulcerative Colitis meds and will at least be on them until my next GI appointment which is in August. While that hasn’t changed, what has changed for me is that I’ve been unable to see my esthetician due to pandemic closures. I haven’t received extractions or a chemical peel since early March. In a sense I feel like my acne journey has come to a standstill as extractions really do help and peels assist me so much with scarring. Oh and of course wearing a face covering isn’t helping!!

Something that this quarantine has helped me focus on that haven’t really focused on before is sleep! I always operated under the “sleep is for the weak” mentality, but is is so important for your body to heal! I’ve been striving for at least 8 hours and don’t think I can ever go back to my old way of thinking. Another thing that is new to me is dry weather. I knew LA was a drier climate, but I didn’t how how it would affect me. My lips and nose have been so cracked and peely. This doesn’t help breakouts either, as acne thrives on dry skin. I also have been waking up with nose bleeds which is no bueno . I recently purchased a humidifier to see if it could remedy the situation. We’ll see!

One last thing to keep in as we head into the summer season is sunscreen! I know these next few months may not be filled with the sunny getaways we hoped for; however, the sun is still alive and well. Don’t forget your sunscreen!! If you still have some from last season, check the expiration date and make sure it is still good. I use this sunscreen on my face (going to try this clear zinc version when I run out) and this sunscreen on my body. Nick uses this sunscreen on his body. To learn more about nontoxic and reef-safe sunscreen click here.

Anddddd heres’s my current skincare routine! Not much has changed, but there are some “every-other-day” tweaks I made AND I added a new eye cream. Some people like to change the moisturizers for summer, but I really like the one I have. I have tried gels here and there, but I always come back to the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream. If you are looking for a lighter option, I like the Bella Figura Supernova Cream.


  1. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. Been using this for a while! I wash my face when I wake up, both before and after working out.

  2. ICE. I just grab an ice cube from the freezer and continually move it around my face for about 2 minutes, making sure to hit the troublesome spots extra. Don’t leave it on one spot for too long, or it will burn you. I have an ice roller, but use ice cubes to keep it clean and such. (per my esthetician.) I use my cute BKR ice trays!

  3. Corrective Skincare LA Peeling Lotion. It is an acne medication made of a benzoyl peroxide -like mixture (doesn’t actually include it! that helps with resurfacing. I rub a pea sized amount of all of my face. Note that I started using this only a couple times a week and at night only, to build up to using it daily. I recently have switched to only using this every other morning. My skin was super dry and not happy. The only time I don’t wear this every other day is when I will be spending the day outside. I just skip that day and apply moisturizer and sunscreen instead.

  4. Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream. I’ve been using this moisturizer for a couple years now! I use this every other day, opposite of the day I use my peeling lotion listed above.

  5. Primally Pure Palmarosa and Mint Beauty Cream. If I have particularly angry bump or wound-like zit, I will put a dab of this on the location in the afternoon. It helps drive away acne bacteria and keeps the spot hydrated!

  6. Sunscreen. I don’t use this if I’m just sitting in my house; however, if I have plans to go outside, it goes on! Hats help too but should not be supplemented instead of sunscreen!


  1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Oil Cleanser. I only do this if I wore makeup or sunscreen that day, otherwise, I just use the foaming cleanser alone vs double cleansing. I also really like the Primally Pure cleansing oil as an option too! Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  2. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. Same as AM!

  3. ICE. Same as AM!

  4. Corrective Skincare LA Peeling Pads. These are a mixture of Salicylic Acid (2%) and Glycolic Acid (10%) formulated to improve texture, fade discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help fade scarring caused by acne by promoting skin cell turnover. Note that I started using this only a couple times a week and at night only, to build up to using it daily. I still only use these at night. I did not start out using them on the same day as the peeling lotion either! Even though I only use the peeling lotion every other day, I still use one of these every night.

  5. Primally Pure CBD Serum. I started using this regularly back in February. I use it every other night. I dab it on, then use my gua sha stone to help it soak in.

  6. Primally Pure Baby Balm. This is new since we last talked skin! I’ve been using it since late March. On the evenings where I don’t use the CBD serum (every other night), I use this as an eye cream! It is the first cream I’ve used that hasn’t given me milia at one point in time or another. I plan on doing a review for this product specifically, but until then just know it is gentle enough to use on a baby AND your eyes. Its secret ingredient is organic marshmallow root. Great as a hand cream too! Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  7. Primally Pure Palmarosa and Mint Beauty Cream. Sometimes I use this every night, sometimes I don’t. Depends on the pimple situation! I 100% use it on spots on the night where I use the Baby Balm. I only use it on the CBD serum night AFTER the CBD has had a chance to soak in and IF I have an open wound zit (one that has popped). It does have oil in it, so you don’t need a ton. I feel like it helps keep the area quarantined and not spread the acne bacteria. Use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off.


I think that is it as far as products and habits go this season!! I’m also trying out Flo PMS Vitamins to see if that will not only help my cycle, but my skin too. Will keep you updated!! My skin is definitely better than it was 6 months ago, but not that different… maybe even a little worse than when we spoke in the spring. Maskne is REAL let me tell ya. Also redness takes a long time to dissipate on my skin and I’ve had some angryyyy bumps. You can’t really see my breakouts in these photos, but just know they are there. Trust, I can feel them!! The sunshine at the beach kind of filtered them out. Hah! Luckily I think my facial place is about to re-open!! Hopefully will have a better story to tell you come fall in September. Until then, stay beautiful, friend!

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