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Spring Skincare Update

Spring Skincare Update

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Well, well, well. Spring is here! As of last Saturday, March 20th, that is. I remember spring of 2020 like it was yesterday. The grocery store shelves were BARE and masks weren’t required yet. I knew we were on the cusp of something though, as I felt more weird than normal snapping pictures in Los Angeles / being judged for being out and about / not wearing a face covering… just in my own neighborhood. All that to say, I feel hope in the air this spring season and think you might too!

Spring in Los Angeles is something else! Even though it has barely begun, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the scents are wafting through the warmish air. Flowers in LA are year-round, but there is something magical about springtime and the scents that come along with it.

Springtime often represents newness, so it is no wonder, we like to spruce up our routines. It gets pretty dry in LA in the coming months, so I have my humidifier on high every night in preparation. Last year I learned it the hard way. My lips were cracked and my face was so angry! My skincare routine has pretty much stayed the same, though I do have a few tweaks below. For one, I started using moisturizer more. It sounds silly, but I had stopped amidst acne, which was dumb. I still really like Ursa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery Cream, but now exclusively use Primally Pure Baby Balm. I use it every morning and every other night. Regarding new things, I introduced a vitamin c serum and use that every other night. I put Baby Balm on after it dries. I started taking collagen regularly as well. I took it for about a month, then forgot to re-order and have been off it for about a month and man I noticed a difference. Re-ordering now! To learn more about collagen, check out this post, with lots of options! Not a new product, BUT I was able to have my first facial in 4 months and my first extractions in almost 12 months!! Thank goodness, because I needed it!

Overall, my skin is looking and feeling better than it has in pretty much a year. I still have spots that pop up and have some scarring to work on, but it is so much better! Here’s a detailed look at what my skincare routine is these days:

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  1. Splash some water on my face, then dry it off and apply my acupuncturist cream on troublesome spots. I let this sit for 15 minutes.

  2. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. I wash the cream from #1 off then proceed to wash my face with this OLO product. Sometimes I wash it twice with it, as I make sure to get the oily cream off entirely.

  3. ICE. Since my face has calmed down, I don’t do this as regularly, but I do still incorporate it. I just grab an ice cube from the freezer and continually move it around my face for about 2 minutes, making sure to hit the troublesome spots extra. Don’t leave it on one spot for too long, or it will burn you. I have an ice roller, but use ice cubes to keep it clean and such. (per my esthetician.) I use my cute BKR ice trays!

  4. Primally Pure Baby Balm (get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS) on as a moisturizer. This is such a moisturizing and gentle formula! It’s made for babies, but I use this for my face!

  5. Sunscreen. I don’t use this if I’m just sitting in my house; however, if I have plans to go outside, it goes on! Hats help too but should not be supplemented instead of sunscreen!


  1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Oil Cleanser. I only do this if I wore makeup or sunscreen that day, otherwise, I just use the foaming cleanser alone vs double cleansing. I also really like the Primally Pure cleansing oil as an option too! Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  2. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. Same as AM!

  3. I use my acupuncturist herbs again at this point, same as the AM.

  4. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. I wash my face again, just to make sure the herbs are all off my face.

  5. ICE. Same as AM!

  6. Corrective Skincare LA 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. It is an acne medication that helps with resurfacing. I use this every other night because I don’t want to dry my skin out too much.


  7. Follain Brightening Serum. This new to my line up! I shared a review of it here, but it is more than just a vitamin c serum! I use this every other night and explain why in the review.

  8. Primally Pure Baby Balm. On evenings where I use the benzyl peroxide, I just put this under my eyes and on my nose. After the brightening serum, I wait for it to dry, then put the Baby Balm all over my face. I did a whole review of it here.


  • Face masks. I use the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel once a week - usually Monday or Tuesday. After I wash it off, I cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I also try to use Primally Pure face masks once a week, usually around Thursday or Friday. I have all 3 and mix and match what I use. Lately I’ve been using the plumping everywhere but places I’m breaking out. I put the clarifying one on those troublesome patches, then leave on for an hour! Sometimes I’ll use product after them, but typically I will just wash them off, cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I reviewed all the masks here. Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. For a more of a budget friendly mask option, use this one.

  • Facial Tools. I use a gua sha stone and a jade roller. I also use a Nu Derma High Frequency Wand every other night on troublesome spots and about once a week all over my face.

I think that is it for now! Enjoy your spring season - I hope it is lovely!! See you come summer ;)

P.S. this is my second Hill House Nap Dress! I have a review coming to the blog soon - just need to film a video! I prefer an XS in this Nesli style, but am okay with a size S in the Ellie.

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