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Now Trending: Stripes

Now Trending: Stripes

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J. Crew Perfect Fit T-Shirt | Madewell Silk Bandana | Baldwin Kick Flares | Loafers | American Eagle Purrrty Sunglasses | NYC Lipstick: Electra

How do you pronounce STRIPED? stripd or stri-ped? I'm definitely the latter. I asked y'all on instagram and I think I stand alone in my answer. Maybe it's a southern thing?? Obviously not something super innovative, but nevertheless, stripes are popping up everywhere right now! I'd have to say that stripes are always a classic, but when we see as much of them as we do right now, I'd definitely consider that a trend! I love a good stripe because they can be dressed a multitude of ways:

-matching the stripe colors

-popping a color not included in the stripe

-mixing a print like floral or leopard

I know I always harp on versatility when shopping, but you pretty much don't have to think about that when shopping stripes, because they will most likely be here forever. For sure invest in those basics, like the tee I'm wearing, but don't be afraid to reach for those trendier pieces like this pair of striped pumps!

To help you beef up your stripes this season, I did a round-up of some of my favorite stripes this season. I divided it in sections, to ease your searching! To go to the exact item, just click on the image. You can scroll through the widgets via the left or right arrows. If it won't click through, just refresh the page.







Are you jumping on the stripe train or did you never get off board?! I love them and will be sporting them for a very long time. What's your favorite way to wear them?

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