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Flu Fighting Cocktail

Flu Fighting Cocktail

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Okay, okay, just to clear up a few things before I get started with this post…

1) 21 and up pleaaaase

2) Drink responsibly

3) I’m not saying if you drink a bunch of these cocktails, you won’t get the flu - just sharing some info on elderberry syrup and it just so happens to taste good in a cocktail ;)

4) Talk to your doctor before you begin taking a new supplement!

Gaia Elderberry Syrup | Margarita Glass | Ice Cube Tray | Cocktail Shaker | Jigger | Lemon Press | Lemons | Basil | Zephyr Gin (Also comes in Zephyr Black)

Hi friends!! Sharing a little hump day treat with ya today, but also dropping some knowledge as we enter the season where the flu is most prevalent. Have you ever heard of elderberries? They are similar to blackberries, just not something you usually find at your conventional grocery store. They are filled with vitamin A, B, and C and have been said to help fight the flu and common cold. I’m not saying if you get the flu, don’t go to the doctor and don’t take conventional medicine, buuuut you can do things that are preventative.

i’ve been taking apple cider vinegar and sovereign silver nasal spray every day for almost 2 years now and since then (knock on wood) I haven’t gotten a sinus infection. (I used to get 2-3 a year) I’ve also been using a neti pot equivalent since college. My point is that these are all natural remedies and homeopathic options! I’m totally open to learning more about my body so I can be more proactive than reactive. You can read my whole post on preventing sinus infections here.

I am also all about taking supplements and getting more benefits out of my food! I started taking a turmeric supplement this year, in addition to magnesium to help my headaches, among other things. For the past couple of years now, I have tried to incorporate ginger into my diet almost everyday - not only because I love it, but because of its great benefits! if you have an ailment or an issue with getting a vitamin or something in your body, try looking for some natural and easy ways to incorporate it. You might be surprised!

Back to elderberries… Last year I tried Zephyr Gin for the first time. I didn’t think I’d like it, because personally I think gin tastes like dish soap, BUT turns out your opinion of some things from college change, because turns out you were just drinking crappy versions of things. (lol) Zephyr Gin is more ELDERBERRY forward, where as most gins are juniper forward. I think this is why I like it so much.

I did a post last year on an easy holiday cocktail - the main drink being a spicy margarita. This has been my go to drink for a while, but it has since changed! I’m still drinking spicy margs, but it’s usually my second option for a drink order, not my first choice. These days I order a spicy bee’s knees made with Zephyr. It’s literally gin, lemon, honey, and some kind of spice, usually jalapeΓ±os or fire water bitters. I love it because it’s easy and a pretty β€œclean” drink that isn’t too sweet.

When I heard of elderberry syrup and the magic it could work, I knew I wanted to make a cocktail with it. SO I basically just made a bee’s knees, but with elderberry syrup instead of honey! Lemons are great for your immune system too, so it’s just packed with goodness! By all means, take your elderberries straight, but if you want to add a little fun to it, this cocktail is super and even looks like a fun Christmas drink! I used:

  • 2 parts Zephyr Gin

  • 1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

  • a little less than 1 part elderberry syrup (I used 1 TBS, which is .5 oz. β€œ1 part” is .75 oz)

  • 4 basil leaves

  • 1/2 a jalapeno chopped

Pour the gin in the shaker and muddle the basil leaves for a bit until oils and juices are released. add lemon juice, elderberry syrup and jalapeΓ±os if you’d like! Add ice and shake until the whole shaker is cold. Strain into your glass and drink straight or add garnish and an ice cube!

You can make your own elderberry syrup, which i’d like to do, but for this round, I purchased Gaia elderberry syrup at Whole foods. If you want to try your hand at making it, this is the recipe i’m going to use.

If you’re looking for more flu fighting tips that are beyond exercise and wash your hands, try following Dr. Courtney Kahla. I started following her early this year and she has a TON of knowledge on this, but is also an advocate of researching things yourself. i had no idea that the flu was around all year and that people often get a vitamin D deficiency in the winter, so they are more likely to get the flu. Like what?!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the drink! Would be a yummy mocktail too if you add carbonated water instead of gin. Enjoy!!

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