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Favorite Maternity Belly Oils, Lotions, and Creams

Favorite Maternity Belly Oils, Lotions, and Creams

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They say that stretch marks are completely genetic, so forget the lotions and creams; however, I’d argue that it is good to keep your belly moisturized regardless. Your stomach is growing and using belly rubs will help reduce itching as time goes by and as the skin stretches to its capacity. Since I knew I was pregnant with twins around 6 / 7 weeks, I implemented this into my regimen fairly early on. I began with maybe once a day, but starting in the second trimester, I made sure to grease up my belly morning, night and some in-between. While this didn’t (can’t) prevent β€œtwin skin”, it did help with itching and reduced pain caused from expanding skin.

Keep reading for some of my favorite belly oils, lotions, and creams, why I like to them, and when I used them.

Bikini from Kitty and Vibe // images taken round 33 weeks with my di/di twins


There are so many maternity products on the market, it is hard to know where to even begin. Since I look for items that are on the non-toxic spectrum, it is a little easier to start, as there are less options to start with. I typically search for items that have a relatively small ingredient list, uses more organic materials, and for sure don’t have chemical fragrances. Here are the products I used throughout my entire pregnancy.


  • Primally Pure Baby Balm. This is my ride or die. I published a review of it here, but this is my facial moisturizer, so I use it on the regular. During pregnancy I did put it on my belly, but the pot is so small, I didn’t use it a ton on there // I valued it more for my face. I did however put it on my nipples morning and night regardless of which I put on my stomach. It is so soothing and lovely. I plan on using this as diaper creme for the twins as well. Try it for 10% off with code ELLEMULENOS.

  • Primally Pure Body Butter. Think thick and luxurious! I really only used this at night because it is so buttery; however, once I hit 35 weeks, I used it all the time. Even with a small amount, it lays on thick. Pre-pregnancy I used the Eucalyptus Lavender, but during pregnancy, I used the Almond Vanilla. They also have Citrus and Mint if you’d rather go that route. Try it for 10% off with code ELLEMULENOS.

  • Now Solutions Tamanu Oil. This oil is amazing and I should do a whole post about it. It is green and kind of smells like celery, but it is so good! It helped with the red heat rash under my boobs and made it fade quite nicely / quickly. It’s great for the belly and nipples too. I did have to wait a bit for it to dry, otherwise it might get a light green tint on your clothing and whatnot.

  • Eco by Naty Organic Pregnancy Oil. I liked using this in the morning because it was clear and went on clear, plus dried the quickest out of everything I used.

  • Kora Organics Noni Body Oil. I had this pre-pregnancy and at one point I was out of all my oils, so I used this on my stomach and it worked great. I love using it all over my body, especially in the morning if I shower. I typically take showers at night.

One I didn’t use, but have heard great things about is the Hatch Mama Belly Oil. It think the main reason I never actually bought it is because of the price. It is $58 for 6.7 oz, which actually isn’t horrible per ounce; however, I had products I really liked and therefore never felt it necessary to buy it. People swear by it though! I love all of the Hatch apparel, so I’m sure I’d like this product as well. Side note - they make this really cute belly sheet mask too!

Another oil I always forget about is Primally Pure’s body oil. I used it once when I visited their HQ, but have never purchased it. For pregnancy I’d go with the Jasmine or Lemongrass and not the Blue Tansy, but these are so nourishing and would be great for belly hydration too. I’ve also used my Primally Pure Soothing Mask on my Belly starting around week 35! Try any of these for 10% off with code ELLEMULENOS.

Summer Fridays recently came out with their Babymoon Belly Balm, which has a surprisingly short list of ingredients. They must have re-formulated their products, as their other two main masks recently became EWG verified. This product isn’t rated yet, but appears to be good. It doesn’t have a special ingredient that isn’t in any of the products I listed above, but is a good option if you already like their brand.

Is there a product you swear by for growing baby bumps? I know a lot of people use cocoa butter! The scent isn’t my favorite, but it also isn’t nontoxic, so I didn’t even try it. Feel free to comment below so others can see your favorite option!

P.S. Don’t forget about your belly postpartum!! I am still trying to massage lotion into my stomach every night.

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