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DIY Boho Beach Picnic

DIY Boho Beach Picnic

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When we were looking for places to live in Los Angeles, living close to the beach was really important to us. Sure California is beautiful as a whole, but living on the West side has its benefits and we wanted to be near the water and the mountains. Point being, we go to the beach at least once a week. If we aren’t there for a beach day on Saturdays, we are for sure there for β€œSunday sunsets” as we have dubbed them. We enjoying watching the sun sink into the mountains as it is beautiful, but it also helps set the tone for the week ahead.

Gathre Mat | Picnic Rug | Woven Runner | Parasol

Due to Coronavirus / COVID 19, a lot more people are flocking to the beach than usual and to be frank, I don’t blame them! Fresh air, salt, and vitamin d are essential! Though the beaches have been crowded, most areas are still able to keep their distance and I have yet to feel unsafe regarding proximity. People are using the beach as something to do, but also as a way to celebrate. It’s easy to have a socially distant gathering and who doesn’t like the beach?

They started popping up prior to the pandemic, but there are a lot of new companies that specialize in creating a beach day or picnic without the hassle. Don’t get me wrong - they are super cute and take all the stress out of planning a beach day, but they are EXPENSIVE. I know they are great for families with small children, as you only have to worry about getting your little ones there, but AGAIN they most of these packages are pricey as heck and I would prefer to split the cost with others. I could probably do a package once in a blue moon, but for the amount of times we go to the beach, it just doesn’t make sense financially.

Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Topper

When the pandemic hit mid-March, I definitely didn’t think it would still be occurring once my birthday came around. To be honest, I was a little sad about it. It’s kind of odd, as historically I haven’t really been into celebrating my birthday. Nothing like having your ability to do something taken away for you to miss it. Hah! Anyway, I ended up having a great birthday - Nick and my family / friends did such a great job of making me feel loved. One of the ways we celebrated was by having our traditional sunset Sunday, but Nick invited a couple of our LA friends and staged a little boho picnic.


I thought it would be fun to share the tools and such he used to create a dreamy boho vibe // our picnic creation, as he was able to do it for a fraction of the price!

  • Gathre Mat - We bought this earlier this summer and it is SO GOOD. Ours is the Square Maxi in Pewter and we use it every time we go to the beach. It can be used for any gathering or even just in your living room. Super easy to clean and fits a ton of people.

  • Picnic Rug - Nick got this rug to give it more of a boho vibe and it is so cute! You don’t need both this and something else, but I wanted to share it in case you fancied it too. You can also use any blanket or piece of fabric you already own! Here is a more budget friendly option that is similar to mine.

  • Woven Runner - This is a nice topper that also creates a bit of a flat and sturdy surface. It also adds some texture! Again not needed, but nice to have.

  • Parasol - Another little touch of of the boho vibe!

  • Cheese Board - Where the magic happens! Nick got all of the food from Trader Joe’s. They have a great selection for a cheese board and are on the more budget friendly side of snacks. We also had SugarFish sushi for dinner. They make a great to-go box, but you can find similar things and different kinds of foods pre-made too. Note that alcohol is not technically allowed by the ocean except for private beaches. I’ve only seen cops out and ticketing for this once, but keep this in mind. Something we don’t have yet, but would make for a great purchase is a sitting level beach picnic table!

  • Flameless Candles - These were the most underestimated item of the evening. They obviously have a great ambience, but they quite literally the stars of the show after the sun set. So dreamy while still providing light.

  • Side note - a really cute, but functional brand for beach items is Business and Pleasure Co! I received their Laurens Cooler Bag for my birthday and it is awesome! They have umbrellas, cabanas, and of course coolers. I have my eye on one of their wide-brimmed bucket hats!! Such a practical, yet chic brand that you’ll see more and more of soon.

Anyway, I had a great birthday and this picnic was perfect! Another thing we did to celebrate the weekend was a wine and potato chip pairing!! I hope this post was helpful and gave you some ideas. It doesn’t even have to be at the beach! Would be great in a yard, park or even in your home! A bonus for your backyard is twinkly lights! If you’re here for the beach stuff though, I’m going to share a post on our beach essentials, along with a post about bonfires on beaches later. Stay tuned!

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