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CorePower Yoga On Demand Review

CorePower Yoga On Demand Review

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I hope you are having a good weekend! We are supposed to have some sunshine today, but other than that, it has been raining since last week and is supposed to continue through this whole week too. I know California needs rain, buuuut with all this coronavirus stuff, I would have appreciated the sunshine, so vitamin d can come through and help heal us!

Speaking of COVID-19, this past week I didn’t go into the CorePower Yoga studios (though they are taking extra precaution to keep it safe!) Instead I have been trying out their CPY On Demand, which you can do ANYWHERE. After I had already written this, CPY actually decided to roll out class reservations, to keep smaller numbers of people in class, per COVID-19 protocol. ALSO, they rolled out free yoga on demand for everyone (see this post where they mentioned it) and plan to add new classes every week. Click here for that. Keep reading for the basic details of the program!


WHAT IS COREPOWER YOGA ON DEMAND: A site dedicated to you being able to practice yoga and mediate wherever, whenever, and however long (or short) you need!

HOW MUCH IS IT: Your first week is free! After that it is $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year. Basically you save 16% / $40 if you purchase it the yearly subscription.

HOW DO I WATCH IT: Download the CorePower Yoga On Demand app on your iOS device or Android - note it is separate from the regular CPY app. You can also download it on your Amazon Fire TV or Roku. Then of course, just sign in with your credentials! You can always watch it on your desktop / laptop as well.

HOW MANY CLASSES ARE THERE: Short answer, there are a TON on there. There are currently 85 classes of all levels under the 60 minute tab. It looks like 6 of them are brand new, as they are marked with β€œnew”, which leads me to believe, they cycle them out / add new ones regularly. You can also check a box in settings where it sends you an email when new classes are added!

WHAT KIND OF CLASSES DO THEY OFFER: They offer the regular!

  • C1

  • C2

  • Yoga Sculpt

  • C3

  • Core Restore

  • Hot Power Fusion

  • Guided Meditation

HOW LONG ARE THE CLASSES: Most CPY in studio classes are 60 minutes, though they have the occasional 90 minute class. I’ve also attended 45 minute classes before in SF! Here’s everything they offer on demand.

  • 60 minutes

  • 30 minutes

  • 20 minutes

  • 10 minutes

  • 5 minutes (not a class - some pose instruction, but also meditation)

  • 1 minute (not a class - breaking down a specific pose and giving instruction)

CAN YOU SORT THE CLASSES: Yes! You can sort by the following. You can also save your favorites by adding to β€œyour list”!

  • Class format (C1, C2, etc)

  • Class length (60 minutes, 30 minutes, etc)

  • Lesson (specific things like compass pose, chaturanga, building post baby strength, and more!)

  • Teacher (find out whose classes you like the most and watch all of theirs!)

  • Workout series (7 day sculpt series, 21 days to crow, 14 day core series, 28 days to handstand, 21 day booty blast)

  • Class collections (Booty Burn, Target Your Core, Inversions and Arm Balances, Bodyweight Sculpt (no weights), Open your heart, Hip Hip Hooray, Cardio Crazy, Lower Body Blast, Upper Body Blast

ARE THERE PREVIEWS OF THE WORKOUTS: If you can hover over a specific workout, it will tell you suggested props, peak postures, target areas (which is also included in the title usually) and sweat level (1 2 or 3, 3 being the sweatiest.)


Okay so what was my experience? I tried it for a full week, to give you my honest opinion! A week may not sound like a long time, but since I have been practicing at a CPY studio for 8 months, I feel like I already know what CPY is like in order to compare andddd using the service for a week is in fact consistent. Overall I really liked the classes and formats! I thought that it provided a great variety of flows, with the same great CPY class structure that I know and love…not to mention, at a GREAT price. Here’s a breakdown of what I thought of it.


  • Time. Only have 20 minutes to get a sweat sesh in? No problem, there’s a 20 minute flow. I think the different time structures offered is one of its greatest strengths, because you don’t really have an excuse to say you don’t have time.

  • Classes. You can take a Yoga Sculpt class or whatever your favorite is at any time you want! You aren’t boxed into studio times or class offerings, which means you can focus on what your body is craving that day. You can hover over the classes to see what poses are in the flows and most of the target areas are listed there and the title too!

  • Poses. If there is a specific pose or peak posture you want to work on, you can literally take lessons on that from your own home or wherever you prefer to practice. Do a 1 minute lesson, a 5 minute breakdown or even choose flows based on the pose you’d like to work on. With CPY On Demand it is literally about what YOU want to do, not what

  • Flexibility. You can literally do this anywhere! I have been doing it shut in my guest room, while staring at my laptop, but you can do this on your phone, iPad, or even TV! Just remember that it is a different app than your regular CPY check into class app. It’s literally called CorePower Yoga On Demand and is available on iOs and Android. This is wonderful for people who travel a lot to destinations where there isn’t a CPY or if you don’t have a CPY in your city.

  • Budget. Personally I think that CPY is a great value anyway, especially compared to other workout class costs. I broke it all down for you here, but basically if you do Black Tag membership, it comes out to around $12 a class, which is less than half what most premiere studios cost. Regardless, I know not everyone can afford to have a membership, so paying $20 a month or even $200 a year ($16ish a month), is a lot cheaper and you still get the goodness of CorePower at your fingertips.


  • No teacher. Not only do certain teachers make the 60 minutes fly by, but they are also there to adjust you. Getting corrected is one of my favorite parts of class! I love to learn how I’m could be better and greatly missed this aspect of doing yoga at home. I will say that because I’m doing yoga in my home, I often reach out for chairs or walls, which wouldn’t normally be there… I like to think they are my teachers and are guiding me in this time. Hah!

  • No heat. I suppose you could use a space heater or practice by the fire, but other than that it’s just regular yoga with that CPY standard! I love having the heat in studio, because not only does it aid in stretching and a deeper practice, buuuut you also burn more calories with it ;) I did find that wearing long sleeves and full leggings help keep the heat in though!

  • No motivation. It is a lot harder for me to get up from my kitchen table and go work out in the other room. Studios have a vibe and energy that really help you do your best.

  • No focus. Similar to the above, it is sometimes hard to work out in your own home! I workout in my guest room with the door shut, so my pets don’t decide to join in on the fun Hah! It’s hard, because sometimes I look around and am like SHOOT I need to clean up in here. It’s easier for my mind to wander to my never ending to-do list, whereas I find it easier to be present in the studio. It’s also a lot easier to keep your phone by you, pause a workout, or even stop mid-flow.

  • No music. Okay, so there is music in the video, but I love hearing a teacher’s personality through their playlist. I also feel like teachers pick the playlist to actually aid you through a cardio or even savasana section. There is back noise, but it is pretty basic. I know why CPY had to do it for this, just stating that studio music helps me more!

  • No inclusion. My only complaint is that CorePower Yoga On Demand is a separate package - it does not come with a Black Tag Membership (the unlimited membership). Personally I feel like it should be included or maybe offered in a Black Tag+ Membership? I get that they need to fund that separately, but selfishly, I want it with my Black Tag!


  • Pick our your class day before, so you are more likely to do it. Because you are in your home, you’ll probably look for excuses not to practice, so making sure as many obstacles are out of the way is key.

  • Stretch at least a little bit before starting the class, because there isn’t heat like a normal CPY studio. My hips and shoulders are really tight, so I make sure to stretch those prior to beginning, as well as foam rolling my IT bands and hips.

  • Keep your water nearby (obviously)

  • Place your phone on DND if you can

  • Make the space cozy and clutter free, so you can focus. I love to use peppermint essential oil on myself and I love to diffuse calming blends like lavender or Saje Yoga Blend. Add candles if you want too!


I loved the variety and different levels offered! I mainly took sweat level 3 ( sweat levels are listed 1, 2, or 3, 3 being the sweatiest / most challenging). Class 5 with my only sweat level 2*. I finally tried a C3 class. When I lived in Dallas, it was rare to see one in studio, but here in Los Angeles, they are offered pretty frequently. I loved that I was able to try it and see that I actually could do the class. I spent way too long in C1 classes, thinking I couldn’t do C2 classes. If you are looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but would prefer to do that IN your comfort zone (your home or gym!), then On Demand is a fantastic option. I am way more apt to join a C3 class in studio now, thanks to CPY OD!

  • class 1: C2 Open Hips, Open Heart with Laura M, burned 228 active calories

  • class 2: YS Strong Side Body with Khushbu M, burned 327 active calories

  • class 3: C3 Side Crow to Fly with Lisa B, burned 220 active calories

  • class 4: C2 Hip Mandala with Lara G, burned 224 active calories

  • class 5*: C2 Happy Hips with Matt W, 198 active calories

  • class 6: YS Core Cardio with Chelsea G, 371 active calories (needed weights, but just didn’t use any.)

  • class 7: rest day! (I typically flow at least 5 days a week. I might do 6 here and there, but do try to incorporate a rest day of walking and light stretching.)

I also tried a meditation class. I know it isn’t a good reason, but I’m really bad at sitting still, so I didn’t really enjoy it; however, if you are into that kind of thing, CPY has some great options. A perfect way to begin your day!!

Overall, I would recommend CorePower Yoga On Demand! You can the same killer CPY instruction, but in the confines of your own home or gym. Considering it? Here are some things to think about!

WHO is CorePower Yoga On Demand good for?

  • Those confined to the home or office, with the ability to workout in a close gym or the other room

  • Those constrained by time, who want to practice, but need shorter classes

  • Those focusing on budgets, who need to scale back or spend less

  • Those refining their skills, who want to supplement their yoga studio practice with peak postures and lessons, that are often not included in studio classes

  • Those who don’t live close enough to a CPY studio location

Have you tried Yoga on Demand before? What did you think?

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