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Baby Shower for a Boy: Toy Story Theme

Baby Shower for a Boy: Toy Story Theme

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Custom Baby Wreath by Emmpression

Favor: White Chocolate (dyed green) dipped oreos with googly eyes that say β€œWe are eternally grateful that you came to celebrate Baby Agnew!”

β€œsign in page” for the scrapbook - each guest signs their name on a star

It’s a β€œBoy” Story swag

Drink Station with Mr. Potato Head

Silverware and plate station! Looks like Sid got a hold of Jessie ;) | Woody Toy and Jessie Toy

Our invitation!

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Sheriff’s badge for the mom-to-be to wear!

Swag is just made from strips of fabric cut with pinking shears

There’s a Snake in my Boot Oreo Dirt Cups

BoPeep’s medley of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries

Pizza Planet Breakfast Pizza and Woody’s Sheriff Badge sugar cookies

Barrel of Monkeys personal sized monkey breads

Mr. Potato Head hash-brown cups

Disney Baby Trivia - the guest with the most correct answers won!

The prize for the trivia game was Al’s Cheese Puffs!

Photo booth area with a cloud background, phrases on a stick, cowboys hats and more!

Hey all my Disney loving friends **cue You’ve got a Friend in Me** Earlier this month my mom, my sister and I hosted a baby shower for one of my childhood friends. She grew up going to Disney all the time and just so happened to find someone who loved Disney as much as her and whablam! 5 years ago they got married and later this year they are expecting their first born! When we found out it was a boy, we immediately started brainstorming. Toy Story was in our top 3 choices, but once we found out the nursery theme was stars/outer-space, we new it’d be a perfect correlation to Buzz Lightyear and that was that. When we throw showers, we like to find out the theme of their room, so we can buy items to decorate with that they would actually re-use!

I hope you find this helpful for a shower, but honestly it gives inspo for birthday parties too! We kinda like to go big or go home with our themes - I think we succeeded ;) If you’re looking for some more Disney action, they actually have a podcast called Married with Mouse Ears!

If you use any of this inspiration, be sure to tag me on instagram @ellespann - I’d love to see how you put your own twist on it!!

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