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Baby Shower for a Boy: Airplane Theme

Baby Shower for a Boy: Airplane Theme

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I feel like this weekend, my posts have come full circle! I talked about having graduated from college 5 years ago this year, posted another wedding post and mentioned that as of this month, I will have been married for 6 months! Today, I am posting about a baby shower I helped host, for my sweet friend Haylea! I was in Haylea's wedding 4 years ago, and she was in mine last October! Now, she and her husband are expecting a baby boy, this coming June! They are having an airplane themed nursery, so we thought it would be the perfect shower theme...not only because it is adorable, but because they'll be able to use some of the decor in his nursery!

Here are the details shower, in case you wanted to host a similar shower, or even a birthday party!


-suitcases. They fit the theme and were so cute! We used them to hold the party favors!

-banners. We had several garlands hanging around -  they said "precious cargo", "time flies", and "biscuit bar". The walls were pretty bare, so these helped!

-balloons. We just used normal balloons for the ceiling  and the sign, but if you want to get crazy, those huge round ones are to die for!

-paper airplanes. We made a swag out of paper airplanes, as well as had some laying around for added decor.

-sign in sheet. The sign in sheet was my least favorite photo on this blog post, but it was the only picture I got of it! It's a sheet that can be framed or put in a scrapbook! Guests were instructed to sign their name on a balloon.

-arrival sign. This sign was just done with chalkboard markers, so we could make it say whatever we wanted!

-model airplanes. These were hung from balloons, near the gifts - it was just like they were flying in the clouds!

-framed phrases. We had frames set around that said "check in" (for the guest book sheet), "luggage drop off" (for the gift placements), and "baggage claim" (for the favor table).



-mini muffins.  Because who doesn't like muffins!

-watermelon airplane fruit bowl. This was the cutest! My dad cut the watermelon in the shape of a plane, with a grape for the nose and kiwis for the wheels. We then filled it with mixed fruit!

-donut hole tree. You can buy these, but we just made it! We took a 18 inch cone, wrapped it in wax paper and taped down, and placed toothpicks 1/2 to 3/4 an inch apart! Side note, you may need to cut the toothpicks as you place them toward the top. It is best to assemble on location, because the icing will flake off. We used 11 dozen donut holes!

-custom cookies. Cookies that are pretty and yummy do exist! We had airplanes and clouds. We purchased them from DeAnn's Cupcakes and Cookies.

-biscuit bar. I love a good biscuit bar! We got biscuits from Rapscallion, a restaurant in Lower Greenville, in Dallas! If you have never had them before, they are AMAZING! They serve them all day, so go get some! We had several different jams, honey butter, bacon, and gravy.

-mini quiches. You gotta have some type of egg something at a brunch shower and they are easy and a crowd pleaser!

-pigs in a blanket airplanes. We make pigs in a blanket with biscuit halves instead of crescent roles, so they are smaller and cuter, in my opinion! My dad clipped toothpicks in half and a friend helped us put all the paper wings on! We didn't wing all of them, but just enough to get the point across.

-coffee. Everyone needs a little caffeine! We just had your typical coffee and fixings. It was a necessity!

-water. We had two flavored waters- lemon and orange. It was just an easy way to make it seem fancier!

-juice bar. We had a small assortment of juices, for those who didn't want to go the basic water or coffee route. An east way to pep up a juice bar is to include fresh fruit to drop in, as well as sparkling juice or champange.



-popcorn party favors. Yes, popcorn goes well with a plane theme, but their family makes kettle corn and everyone loves it - it was also their wedding favor, so it was just a fun add on that actually meant something!

-biscuits. Haylea and her husband are Texans through and through with their love of Whataburger biscuits. We had these and honey butter as a nod to that!

-books instead of cards. This is a popular thing to do these days, because books are actually useful, where as cards are sweet, but often end in the trash. I love it!


Have you ever hosted a baby shower? What theme? I always love to brainstorm for the future.

p.s. if you follow me on instagram, then you saw my outfit in full from this post! I wanted to fit the theme, but not be too over the top - I think I pulled it off, what do you think?

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